about us

about us

Nidum Ovo is situated in Sant Cebrià de Vallalta near Barcelona in Spain.

From our 1000 square meter warehouse we provide daily deliveries to businesses across Europe. Please let us know if you have any special requirements regarding your order. Our team will be happy to assist.

our history

The idea to create an European network of warehouses to deliver products across Europe in the horticultural sector conceived.

The first steps to realizing the European wide network are set by founding a Dutch wholesaling company.

The first warehouses in the Europe are set up and we start to provide deliveries to customers in North-Western Europe.

We expand our network east, by setting up a warehouse in Germany and Bulgaria.

We moved our headquarters to the Barcelona area in Spain. The warehouses in the Netherland stayed where they were.

We start distributing DLI lighting as Europe’s master distributor. From this moment on, European wholesalers that want to distribute DLI fixtures receive them from Nidum Ovo.

Business information

Nidum Ovo S.L.

Avda Sot de les Vernedes 8 A,
08396 Sant Cebrià de Vallalta
Barcelona, España

VAT: ESB66780750
IBAN: ES05 2100 0826 7602 0062 6056
E-mail: info@nidumovo.com
Phone number: +34 (0) 692953867

Partner up?

Do you want to partner up with us and create value by collaborating on multiple levels? Please send us a message or call our offices. We are always looking to expand our network and we think that doing this by setting up partnerships is the right way to go.